Access Control and Attribute Management WG Industry Day Invitation

The FICAM Access Control & Attribute Management Working Group (ACAGWG) is working to address the needs of the Federal Government for access control, lifecycle management of attributes, and the associated governance processes around entitlements and priveleges. If you are interested in engaging with this cross-government (Federal, Defense, IC and more…) working group during our upcoming industry day, please read on...

Why are we holding this event?

We have little desire to re-invent the wheel and would like to leverage lessons learned and best practices from real world implementations. 
This event is designed to help us learn more about the current state-of-practice in the commercial sector around attribute providers and their business models, as well as identity and access governance approaches.

When and where is this event being held?

September 5, 2012 in the Washington, DC area. 

What are we are looking for?

A demonstrated case study (references to operational systems are preferred) to include information such as:
  1. Attribute lifecycle management
  2. Provisioning/de-provisioning of attributes
  3. Processes for semantic and syntactic alignment of attributes
  4. Attestation of attributes
  5. Provenance of attributes
  6. Attribute metadata
  7. Data quality management and practices of attribute providers
  8. Attribute provider business models
  9. Defining, generating and sharing access policies
  10. Enterprise privilege and entitlement management practices
  11. Separation of duties
  12. Other topics related to Attribute Providers as well as Identity and Access Governance
Elements the case study should explore and include:
  1. The type of infrastructure in place
  2. Processes in place for managing attributes
  3. The process for deciding the appropriate attribute and access policies for the domain
  4. Determining Levels of confidence in attribute providers
  5. What factors go into making a decision to "trust" an attribute provider
  6. Design time vs. run-time decision factors
  7. Expanded uses beyond the original intent of the attribute and access policies

What are we NOT looking for?

  • Product demos
  • Marketing slide-ware
This is a group that has deep technical and policy expertise. We are fine with you taking some time at the end of the case study to map it into your product/service. The majority of the case study, however, should focus on the concept of operations, business models, processes and decisions that went into the case study. 

What is the first step?

Please submit a one page high-level abstract (PDF) with details of your case study to ICAM [at] gsa [dot] gov by 5:00 p.m. on July 31st, 2012.  A member of our planning committee will be in contact with those whose submissions most closely align with what we are seeking.

:- by Anil John