FICAM Mission and 2012 Execution Priorities

The US Federal Identity, Credential and Access Management (Federal ICAM or FICAM) Program is tasked with aligning the Identity Management activities of the US Government.

The Federal ICAM mission is to:
  1. Align federal agencies around common practices by fostering effective government-wide identity, credential and access management
  2. Collaborate with federal government and external identity management activities (non-federal, commercial and more) to leverage best practices and enhance interoperability
  3. Enable trust and interoperability in online transactions, through the application of common policies and approaches, in activities that cross organizational boundaries
For 2012, our Execution Priorities are to:
  • Drive Usage of FICAM Approved Credentials
    FICAM approved credentials include PIV Cards for Government to Government use (HSPD-12 directive) as well as the use of credentials issued by Credential Providers outside of Government that have been approved for use with Government Relying Parties via the the FICAM Trust Framework Solutions Initiative.
  • Demonstrate the Value of Policy Driven Access Control within Government Systems
    There has been significant investments in building out a trust anchor for the Government via the Federal PKI as well as in the use of strong credentials such as PIV and PIV-I which provides the ability to answer the question of "Who are you?" with a very high level of assurance. We are building on top of those investments by focusing on answering the question of "What are you allowed to do?" via the work we are undertaking on Attribute Management, Operationalizing Privacy and Information Sharing.
  • Increase Outreach and Collaboration
    We recently completed our annual Program of Work Review which resulted in ICAM Working Groups being re-aligned and focused to address the increasing needs of federal agencies.  We are also making a conscious effort to actively engage the ICAM community (this blog being an example) as we move forward. 
:- by Anil John