Access Control and Attribute Management in FICAM

As mentioned earlier, one of the priorities for FICAM is to invest in and demonstrate the value of policy driven access control within Government systems. To that end, one of the Working Groups that has been stood up as part of our annual program of work review is the "Access Control and Attribute Management Working Group (ACAGWG)" which I am Co-Chairing.

ACAG Working Group's current functions are to:

  • Focus on Person Attributes for Access Control
    • Establish initial set of Enterprise Access Control Attributes
    • Develop processes for modification of the Enterprise Access Control Attribute set
  • Leverage and, when possible, incorporate best practices and lessons learned
    • Outreach and collaboration to gather attribute use best practices and lessons learned
    • Facilitate exchange and trusted use of attributes across the Federal Government
  • Develop and implement attribute governance processes across the Federal Government
    • “Authoritative-ness”

We had an opportunity to engage with the wider community that is doing attribute work at a "Moving Forward with an Internet Attribute Infrastructure" workshop yesterday which was hosted by the Internet Society. Wanted to take a quick moment to thank Heather Flanagan and Karen O'Donoghue for pulling this together and as thank as well the great set of folks who participated (InCommon, OASIS, OIX and more...) and provided their input and perspectives on the work they are doing in this domain.

:- by Anil John